Tomorrow’s Women – A charity to encourage vulnerable women to live their lives fully

Tomorrow’s Women Wirral (TWW) is a small, local, independent charity with a primary aim to encourage vulnerable women to make positive lifestyle changes and provides daily support, advice, tools and skills to do so. Having over 6,500 registered women and receiving over 140 women daily through the door, they were thrilled to recently host a very special visit from the most esteemed Royal couple, Their Royal Highnesses Prince Harry and Princess Meghan. The occasion was a memorable one to all that were involved, as the women of TWW were able to converse with the pair quite intimately. They spoke to both staff and the women that access the centre and gained an insight into ‘a day at TWW’.

Those involved said that The Royals were both genuinely interested in the women’s lives and journeys, as well as the great work of the centre. They engaged thoroughly in conversation, gave an attentive ear to listen and openly shared their support for the work of the charity and the incredible strength of the women they met. The impact of the Royal Visit has encouraged new women to access the services at TWW. They hope that this outreach will continue well into the future and that it may initiate further funding streams to be able to grow and maintain the incredible work of Tomorrow’s Women.

Tomorrow’s Women was a grateful recipient of funding from the Sisters of Charity.

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