Woman of the Untold Story

woman_untold_storyThe Religious Sisters of Charity first came to the UK in 1840.  Since their arrival they have been supported in their ministry by many co-workers, people who worked and work alongside them.  The stories of most of the Sisters and their co-workers have never been told.  In the Annals of the Religious Sisters of Charity (a record of the daily life of the Sisters) it is evident that they and their co-workers have encountered, and still encounter, challenging circumstances. When the new convent was built, in the East End of London in Hackney, an opportunity was created to honour these people.  It took the form of a sculptured woman.  She sits in the convent courtyard, a woman on a bench with an open book in her hands.  She is ‘The Woman of the Untold Story’ and she represents the untold stories of so many people. It is hoped that when people encounter this sculpture they will spend time giving thanks for all of those who have enabled the Religious Sisters of Charity to continue their Mission in the UK. Caritas Christi Urget Nos!

The Artist: The Sculpture was created by Carol Peace.  More information about Carol may be obtained from her website at www.carolpeace.com