Week of Prayer for Christian Unity reflects on past and present events

Sr Brigid Kelly shares how the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity was celebrated in her parish in Bebington in the NW of England. She explains how the focus of the week reflected on past and present events.

In the Bebington area of Wirral we have a strong active group of about 10 Christian Churches – Catholic, Anglican, Evangelical, Methodist and United Reformed. During the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity each Church hosts one of the Days of Prayer and this year it so happened that St. Luke’s R.C Church was hosting on 19th January, the birthday of Mary Aikenhead. Material for the Service is coordinated by ‘Churches together in Britain and Ireland’ and this year, it was produced for world wide use by the Churches in Germany, the Theme was ‘Crossing Barriers’. As the resources took our focus to Germany we remembered the 500th Anniversary of the German Reformation and the call to reconciliation.

On day two the focus was on the Fall of the Berlin Wall – and on the News that morning it was announced about the proposed building of a Wall between Mexico and U.S.A, so we felt the need for continued prayer. After our opening hymn, prayer and talk, we divided into 2 smaller groups for discussion. We closed with prayer.

Sr. Brigid had an opportunity to speak to the Group of approx. 25 people, about Mary Aikenhead being declared Venerable and showed the book just published by Sr. Rosaleen Crossan. One of the Friends of M.M.A. who was there distributed Leaflets to all – another chance to spread our Charism.

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