The Royal Wedding and the Hackney Hospice Connection

Our chapel in St Joseph’s Convent, Hackney has been graced by a very special bunch of flowers. The flowers were delivered on 20th May to St Joseph’s Hospice from St George’s chapel in Windsor Castle where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex) were married the day before. Each patient was presented with a bouquet of flowers specially prepared for them by the Castle staff and there were some also for the Hospice chapel and for the convent.

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan was an amazing event. As Harry is 6th in line to the throne now the Wedding took place in the quietness of St George’s Chapel and not at Westminster Abbey where the wedding of a more senior royal would occur. Although I say ‘quiet’ it was anything but quiet, it was a national event which was watched by nearly 14 million people in the UK and by over a billion worldwide. It was celebrated with street parties all over the country and thousands lined the streets around Windsor Castle in the hope of getting a glimpse of the couple. The wedding day was blessed with perfect weather.

This wedding had a character of its own. The bride did not have adult attendants, but children acted as bridesmaids. The six bridesmaids were between the ages of 2 and 7! And they carried off their duties wonderfully. In all there were 10 bridesmaids and pageboys following Meghan down the aisle. Another characteristic of this wedding was the gospel choir which sang ‘Stand by me’ this and other elements in the service, the sermon by an American Episcopalian bishop, for example honored Meghan’s African American heritage.

Prince Harry is very popular in the country and the nation seems to have taken his bride to its heart. Meghan has brought a freshness and vitality to the Royal family. She has been described as having a keen awareness of social issues and is especially interested in women’s’ issues. Harry also is socially minded and together they promise to be a great force for good on the world stage.

Here at St Joseph’s Convent the sisters gathered in a party spirit and surrounded by bunting and flags to watch the wedding and all that went before and after. They described the experience as ‘wonderful’. Receiving the flowers the following day was icing on the cake because they provided a very tangible connection to this marvelous event.

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