Sr Jackie Doherty Celebrates Her Golden Jubilee

jackie-thumbSr Jackie Doherty’s Golden Jubilee celebrations coincided with our Provincial outing to Hampton Court Palace. She and her coes Srs Helen Cunningham and Elizabeth Slattery were able to join us on the outing – the day before the jubilee. jackie-aUnfortunately her third coe Sr Fiona Corway couldn’t make the outing or jubilee but she was warmly remembered throughout the celebrations.
The jubilee day began with lunch with Jackie’s Sister of Charity friends in a comfortable corner of the Premier Inn restaurant at Harlow. We arrived in good time for the 12.30 lunch. The meal was relaxed and unhurried, so unhurried in fact that we only barely got to the church on time for 4 jackie-bo’clock Mass! There Jackie welcomed her family and friends who had come to join part 2 of the celebrations.
The Mass showed the care that had gone into the preparation of it. Every aspect and stage celebrated was reflective and joyful. All of the Sisters of Charity present renewed their vows together. Sr Rita Dawson shared some memories of living in community and working with Jackie. Then her brother Kevin spoke of her and her place in the family as a sister and aunt and about how important her contribution to the family is.
Later the festivities went on at a Centre not far from the church where music played and a buffet and drinks were served.
Like good Sisters of Charity we left at a respectable hour bidding goodnight to the family who stayed behind to catch up with each other and party on.




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