Jesus Our Teacher – Centenary Year of Education (Scotland) Act 1918

Our sisters in Airdrie tell the story of Catholic Education in Scotland and the celebrations for the centenary of formal recognition of Catholic schools in Scotland one hundred years ago:

This Act of 1918 brought pre-existing and future Catholic schools into the public provision education. This historic legislation qualified Catholic schools for public funding and opened the door to much more extensive access to Catholic education. Since then Catholic schools have flourished amazingly. They have demonstrated time and again that they are much valued and very popular centres of educational excellence, with many pupils achieving academic and personal success. The slogan adopted for the 2018 Centenary is ‘Catholic schools – good for Scotland’.

Srs. Mary McKeon and Agnes Morgan attended the Mass to celebrate this milestone in Motherwell Cathedral which was concelebrated by Bishop Toal and many priests of the Diocese.

In addition to the above celebrations the Diocese of Motherwell has launched an Ambassadors programme to support and mentor those entering the teaching profession. Also, visitors to the Cathedral in our Diocese will be able to get guided tours from local pupils who will explain the history of their Mother Church.

An icon, JESUS OUR TEACHER, was commissioned to tell the history of Catholic Education in Scotland. The story of the Icon of Jesus Our Teacher has been brought to life through a specially commissioned drama. The artist, Bernadette Reilly, presented the finished Icon to the Bishops of Scotland in November 2017. It has been on pilgrimage across the Diocese since January 2018 and the sisters in the Airdrie community were very happy that their parish hosted this beautiful Icon in celebrating the passing of the Act one hundred years ago.

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