Gathering In

Over most of the past year we have been discerning together as a Province about our future viability. During that time, we have been praying a prayer of Discernment:

‘Father, it is you who invites us into the future. Everything is in your hands, time, circumstances, all that is, our whole lives and what they have yet to become. As we deliberate on our future as a Congregation and Province guide us along the right path, reveal to us all that we need to know and consider. Encourage us and fill us with hope. In all of our deliberations remind us that you go before us and that you are a God of Mystery, Surprise and Transformation.
We make this prayer in Jesus’ name. Amen’

To further share the fruits of our discerning and to gather in the harvest of those months we met as a Province in May, in Clydebank, for two days.

Each morning we began with an opening prayer. This was set around the account of the encounter with Jesus at Emmaus, as we were still in the season of Eastertide. It raised the questions: What things make us sad on our journey? What were we hoping?

After the prayer, we settled into a series of sessions which lasted the day. Over the two days we looked at our houses, past and present, our ministries and how they have developed, we recapped on our experiences, acknowledged change and its consequences and, in the light of all of that, envisioned the future.

We enjoy getting together and it appears that this time was special as Sisters expressed they found a level of honesty, openness and sharing deeper than before. There was a sense of ownership of our future together as we discussed possibilities and possible changes to facilitate the viability of the Province into the future.




At the end of the second day, after what had been a very intense, spiritual and prayerful couple of days together, the Sisters enjoyed a trip to Loch Lomond Shores, which is a beautiful shopping mall on the banks of the Loch. We all travelled by coach together down to Loch Lomond and then came back to Clydebank enjoying the scenery of Helensburgh and a lovely supper in the restaurant at St Margaret’s.

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