Birkenhead 200th Year Celebrations

02-birkenhead-200-thumbThe two RSC communities (who are next door neighbours) had a celebration on 6th December 2015 to mark the end of the 200th year. Here the two communities explain what happened:

Sr Brigid Kelly writes from 137
02-birkenhead-200-1The final celebration we had in Birkenhead to mark the bi-centenary of the Congregation was held on Sunday 6th December, at 3 o clock in the afternoon, here in 137, and a similar gathering took place in 139.
Here in 137 we had 16 people from our 3 areas of ministry and all knew of Mary Aikenhead. Three of those who came had all sent letters of thanksgiving for prayer answered through the intercession of Mary Aikenhead.
The afternoon began with one group gathering in the Chapel for a Prayer Service while the other group watched the new DVD ‘Our Foundation Story’ and then Groups changed over. This was so that all could view the DVD comfortably in our Community Room. After this the entire group gathered in the back room and attached Conservatory where they enjoyed afternoon tea. All felt that they had learnt a lot from the DVD and enjoyed the afternoon. Before leaving we distributed leaflets and prayer cards. We continue to talk to people in our separate ministries and to those who ask for prayer we give them prayer cards.

And Sr Teresa Harmon writes from 139
02-birkenhead-200-2Our celebration for the 200th Anniversary took place on the 6th December in both houses. The programme was the same in both houses. In 139 the members of the SVP and the Legion of Mary and parishioners from Our Lady’s and Saint Anne’s Rock Ferry were invited. The afternoon began with a short prayer service followed by the showing of the DVD ‘Our Foundation Story’. It was very well received and many good comments were made about the extent of the work of the Congregation during the 200 years as well as the work of the sisters in Birkenhead. The sisters have ministered in Birkenhead for 116 years! Afternoon tea was a welcome treat for all and it was a happy and enjoyable afternoon, thank God.

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