Another group of Hackney Convent Staff visit the Heritage Centre

Hackney Staff

Sr. Jackie Doherty led a final group of convent staff from Hackney to the Heritage Centre in Harold’s Cross. This time our own Sr. Patience also joined the group for her first visit to Dublin and the Heritage Centre. In all 8 people went on this trip Creselda, Bridget, Patricia and Oxana from the Care Floor and Chris and Andrea who are part of our housekeeping team, together with Jackie and Patience.

Our day began and ended with travel difficulties with only one taxi arriving in the early hours of the morning instead of two, making us very anxious as we had a long way to go to the airport, and, on our way back to the airport that evening long delays due to traffic congestion – another reason to be worried when going for a flight! At both ends we arrived on time, thank God
Despite these difficulties the bit in the middle was magical!

The group with Mary Aikenhead’s wheelchair

We were on time for our slot at the Heritage Centre arriving relieved and ready for a coffee. And with the same warm welcome we had received on previous occasions from Srs. Mary and Helen we settled in to enjoy our visit. Which is exactly what happened. We really enjoyed seeing the exhibits and pictures of the life of Mother Mary Aikenhead. Seeing and touching the wheelchair that she actually used was a really special experience for the group. The more I saw the more I realised what a wonderful woman Mary Aikenhead was. We were all greatly in awe.

Having spent some time in the Heritage Centre we went to lunch. This was a lovely reflective time when we talked about what we had experienced and we shared our most enjoyed and thoughtful moments.

After lunch we returned to the Heritage Centre to sign the visitors book and some took the opportunity to revisit their favourite exhibit.

In Dublin’s Fair City

For those of our group who had not been to Dublin the visit to the city centre, the afternoon was the opportunity to address this. We got on a bus outside the hospice and arrived in O’Connell St shortly after. The bus took us past some of the sites of the city, such as St Patrick’s and Christchurch cathedrals, the Bank of Ireland and of course the river Liffey. Some shopping was inevitably done in the popular shopping area off O’Connell St, Henry St.

With the Captain!

From the city Centre we were able to get an airport bus back for our flight. One last enjoyable thing happened next when, at the airport we, well some of us, enjoyed that famous and some would say, delicious, beverage, Guinness, only half a glass! The delay back to the airport forgotten.
Sr Jackie Doherty.

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