An Advent Prayer from Prison & A Prisoner’s Thoughts at Christmas

An Advent Prayer from Prison

I pray for the world and its people
That people will live in peace everywhere.
I pray for my family and friends
That they may remain happy and safe.
My prayer is also for my enemies
That they may understand me and forgive.
I pray for the Catholic Church
For our Pope and all in ministry.
My prayers are for all those in pain and also
I remember the homeless, the poor and old.
May they all benefit from this time of Advent.
My prayers also include all those who are without loved ones
this year, that they will be comforted
In the knowledge that the Lord looks after our departed.

Whilst we wait for the Birth of Our Lord,
We pray for forgiveness.
May our lives be touched and made better in this Advent and let the
joy of the Birth of Christ overshadow all sadness.

May we all rejoice in the Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ
And the hope he brings to all. AMEN!

A Prisoner’s Thoughts at Christmas

Christmas is a time for new beginnings brought about by the birth of our Blessed Lord. It is a time for us to reflect on the year past and to look back on what we have or have not done in our lives. Could we have done some things better? Can we put things right? Should we have done some things at all?

Christmas is a time for forgiveness and mercy, to show others that we care and to show love to each other.
We are separated from our families and friends at a time that is devoted to family unity. Just as the birth of Jesus created the family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph so Christmas is a time when families come together and the whole world feels united.

Do not be sad this Christmastide, but rejoice in the knowledge that we are closer to our families than at any other time, we are with them spiritually through our faith. They will feel our presence over the Christmas period and that will be stronger than at any other time.

As at Christmas we are all bound together by our Catholic Faith, let us all look to the coming year with great hope and joy.
Rejoice, the Lord is coming
Our sins are washed away,
Our Lives renewed! AMEN!
By kind permission.

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