Birkenhead, 137

137 Birkenhead CommunityIn 1900, 42 years after Mother Mary Aikenhead’s death, the Sisters of Charity came to Birkenhead. On February 15th 1900 St. Elizabeth’s Convent, Claughton Road was opened by Bishop Allen. For nearly 70 years St. Elizabeth’s was the hub of a vibrant ministry in Birkenhead and beyond. Even today some of our elderly folk can remember with great affection being part of the many Groups associated with Claughton Road.
From 1970-1980 Sisters lived in Eleanor Road and in 1980 they moved to 139 Park Road North, where another Community of 3 Sisters now live.
In the year 2000 No 137 was purchased by the Congregation and the present Community of 4 Sisters now live there. Sisters Pauline and Brigid are involved in full-time Pastoral Ministry, Sr. Mary in part-time Pastoral Ministry, and Sr. Josie is retired.
The scope of Pastoral Ministry involves working with families, groups, Schools, caring for their needs through home visits, counselling, catechesis and Sacramental Ministry. Care of older people is an area of continuing growth and those in need of Nursing Home care are visited by the Sisters.
The Birkenhead of today has changed considerably and Sisters work in partnership with other Groups both secular and Religious at local level, in order to provide the best possible service of which they are privileged to be engaged.