actonThe Sisters of Charity first came to work in Hammersmith, West London in 1920, at the request of the Augustinian Fathers. At first they travelled from Hackney twice a week visiting the sick, the housebound and the elderly in their homes. After about six months a house was found at Chiswick Lane, Chiswick where they lived for five years, travelling each day to Hammersmith. Eventually in 1925 they moved to a house at Upper Mall, Hammersmith. This house was being sold by a lady who was moving to Dublin in order to join another Religious Congregation. At this stage our sisters worked in Hammersmith, Brook Green and six other surrounding parishes working full time in pastoral ministry. They were also anxious to provide accommodation for young working girls, and so a Hostel was built alongside the Convent. By 1973 the convent was in need of major repairs, and was now too big for the number of sisters living there. Also the number of girls using the hostel accommodation had diminished, and the need for this work was no longer considered a priority. After some searching they found a suitable house at Hammersmith Grove in 1974, which was still convenient to the parishes, and nearer to St Augustine’s Church.
Due to the changing needs of the community in 1998, the sisters moved once again, this time to Rosemont Road, Acton, which is in the Parish of Our Lady of Lourdes, served by the Sacred Heart Fathers. The sister’s ministries were quite varied at this stage, including one sister working as a Family Health Visitor, and another sister working at a local hospital as part of the chaplaincy team, another nursing in an Elderly Care Unit, a teacher in a school for children with special needs, another sister working with women caught up in sex trafficking trade.
Some of these sisters have now moved elsewhere, and we are now two in community. One sister works as a volunteer at the Emmaus Centre in Acton, where meals, clothing, medical and dental  care are provided for the homeless and less fortunate of our society in this area of London. The other sister works in administration at the Provincial house in Buxton Gardens.