About Us

Who We Are
We are a Catholic religious congregation of women founded in Ireland in 1815 by Mary Aikenhead. We have been working in England since 1840, and in Scotland since 1948. We have worked in many different areas and in many different ministries.

Responding To Needs
Through our ministries and in the spirit of our 4th vow of ‘service to the poor’, we try to reach out with the compassion of Christ to all especially the most vulnerable and those in greatest need. As each new need has been perceived we have endeavoured to discern our response in ways that will serve the most pressing needs. Sometimes this means stepping out into the deep to find new and creative ways of being with people. Sometimes we have had to move away from some ministries in order to free ourselves to take up ministries in other
places to serve newer and more pressing needs.

What We Do
Some of the ministries we are involved in at present include: Hospices, Education, Parish Ministry, Catechetical Programmes, Administration, Hospitality, Chaplaincy, Hospital Visiting,
Counselling, Prison Visiting, Working with Homeless People and with Women in Prostitution. We also have sisters involved in Spirituality, Prayer Groups and Spiritual Direction. Our Sisters find themselves working with families, the elderly and housebound, women who have been trafficked, refugees, asylum seekers, emigrants and people with addictions.  Sisters also work in supportive roles e.g. journeying with the bereaved, supporting ‘carers’ and as advocates.

Our Communities
In May 2013 each community in the Province wrote about who they are and what they do. To take a look at what each community in the Province looked like at that time click on the community name below…
Birkenhead 137
Birkenhead 139