A New Era Dawns at St Andrew’s Hospice, Airdrie

St Andrew’s Hospice Airdrie has reached another stage in its development. The plan to refurbish and reconfigurate the building and prepare it for the future has begun to be put into practice. But first the building had to be emptied. The patients, staff and equipment have been moved to a NHS facility one and a half miles away in Wester Moffatt while the work goes on at St Andrew’s. Its hard to imagine the organisation, planning and hard work that was entailed in ensuring that patients were comfortably transported to their new home and that everything that they would need to ensure their comfort and care was immediately available to them.

The decant to Wester Moffat took place in January. Twenty patients went there. One patient was too unwell to make the journey so she continued to be cared for at St Andrew’s.

Plans also had to be made for staff and visitors to ensure the least possible inconvenience in getting to the new location. Transport for staff and visitors is being provided and a mini bus operates several times a day to take staff and visitors from various bus and train stations to and from Wester Moffatt.

The work that has begun on the building will take over a year. It involves upgrading facilities and creating more single rooms which will be spacious, bright and look out onto the garden while giving access to the garden from each room. Some rooms will provide space for loved ones to stay overnight. In addition, a separate patient entrance will be created providing discreet admission to the wards. There will also be a small number of three bedded rooms which will also look onto the garden with access.

Significant changes in how hospice care is delivered is a key factor in why this major refurbishment is required to ensure the hospice can continue to provide safe and quality care for the next 30 years. The equipment and facilities needed to deliver modern hospice care have considerably improved since it opened in 1986 and take up much more space.

The cost of this undertaking is £9m. Just over half of the cost has been raised already and there is a dedicated team working to ensure the rest which must be raised by 2019.

We wish St Andrew’s – patients, staff and volunteers well during this time of transition and pray for the work being carried out, that all will go well and no unforeseen difficulties will occur so that all will be completed on time and to the standard desired. God bless St Andrew’s!


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