A Joyful start to the Advent Season

Sr Angela Murphy relates the experience of attending an Advent service at the Jesuit Church in Farm St, London, organized by the Jesuit Refugee Service.

“On the 3rd December 2018 Sisters Helena, Angela and Barbara attended a ‘Joyful Start to the Advent Season’ at Farm Street Jesuit Church. The service was organized by the Jesuit Refugee Service. The readings which included both traditional scripture and poetry, were read by volunteers and Refugees gave us much to reflect upon.

The Service was led by Fr. Damian Howard SJ who encouraged us to think about those who live far from home, missing their loved ones. His homily identified the wisdom of Refugees, who uniquely have the experience to understand what is needed to bring reconciliation in the “complexity and grime of the human world”. He concluded “May you welcome the God of Refugee wisdom into your home this Christmas, may you sense His presence anew, inviting you into saving companionship”.

Highlights of the service were performances by the JRS Refugee Drama Group who were supported by Rise Theatre as they performed ‘The Christmas Goose’. This play tells the story of a husband and wife, the wife knows and loves Jesus the husband cannot understand how God could come on earth as a man. As the migrant Geese, the actors gave witness to their experience of trying to seek sanctuary: The system (Home Office) is designed to create chaos, to kick you when you are down. One of our Refugee friends who has been coming to the JRS centre for about a year, was preforming with the Gospel Choir, he said of his involvement, “It helps to counter the crushing sense of isolation that many of our friends experience, it rejuvenates the mind and soul, it encourages our friends to face life’s challenges”.”

Photos Credit: JRS UK/Jesuits in Britain’.http://www.jrsuk.net/

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