Sr Madeleine McCann

madeleine_mccann_thumbMy name is Sr. Marie Madeleine McCann and I live in Acton which is West London. l live with two other sisters. I start my day getting up between 6am and 6.30 and saying Morning Prayer of the Church followed by my hour of meditation and sometimes a half an hour of spiritual reading. Between 9 and 9-30am I do odd jobs around the house, then I leave the house to go to Mass in the parish church – then I go to work. I work in a Day Centre for Homeless People. I start work at 10.45am and finish at One week I work five days & the other week I work four days. Each day between 150 – 200 people come in during a period of two hours and join us for a meal. I serve the dinners, make the tea and I also clean and do whatever else is necessary around the Centre. When I finish work I go into the church to pray for about half an hour and then I walk home. When I get home I rest for a while, then at I join the other two sisters I live with in community and we say Evening Prayer of the Church together. After this I sit down to relax and watch the TV for a while. I love watching football matches. I go to bed at about 10 o’clock. At the weekends I might go the shops in the city, or go for a walk. We take in turns to cook the dinner on Sundays.