Sr Brigid Kelly

brigid_kelly_thumbMy name is Brigid and I live in a Community of 4 Sisters, two are involved in Pastoral Ministry and one is retired. I am engaged in Pastoral Ministry. While the focus ”Service of the Poor”, inspired by our 4th Vow is at the heart of all we do, how it is expressed differs slightly from Parish to Parish depending on the needs of the area.

As Parish Sister I am involved in a wide variety of activities which includes:

  • Parish Pastoral Team member & Local Pastoral Area Team member.
  • Coordinator of Sacramental Preparation Programmes/Meetings.
  • Eucharistic Minister to sick, housebound-Nursing Homes Services.
  • Visitation of families, re: illness, bereavement, Sacramental Preparation.
  • Attendance at Group Meetings e.g. Catechists, Needlework, Youth, Ladies.
  • Attendance at Workshops, Diocesan days and Courses related to Ministry.
  • Liaising with other Parish Groups-S.V.P.
  • Administrative work, letters of advocacy, references, print out for meetings.

Community ministry.
Prayer–time, cooking, shopping office admin. and sharing time together as Community.

A day in my life…
The alarm rings; ….it time to surface!
I need time for Prayer and breakfast before leaving home at 8.40.a.m. for 9.a.m. Morning Prayer (Divine Office) and Mass in the Parish. This is a real oasis in my day-a place of blessing as we gather as Parish community for prayer. I go from Mass, as Eucharistic Minister to some of our sick Parishioners in their own homes and then on to one of the 5 Nursing Homes in the Parish. A definite time is important for Staff and morning nursing routines are usually complete from 10.a.m.until 12.30 mid-day.
I travel home for lunch around 12.45 and usually meet up with the other Sisters, each in for a snack! The journey affords me time to reflect on the morning. Having caught up with the midday news, it is sometimes Rosary walk in the Park-lovely at this time of year when Spring is bursting forth all around.
Having caught up on a return phone call re home visit, I go to the local Hospital where two of our Parishioners are at present. Visits support the families at such times.
At 5 o clock we gather as Community for an evening meal (prepared by one of us on 3 evenings) followed by Evening Prayer (Divine Office) other evenings flexi meal time. Then there is usually time to relax “feet up”. T.V. radio and reading.
Tonight I attend a Parents Meeting as it offers them a time to meet together, to look at the materials their children will use this month in Sacramental Preparation, talk about the topic at an adult level and build up that sense of belonging.
On return home sharing on the day together usually brings the day to a close.
Looking back over today as a Sister of Charity there is much to be grateful for, especially as I have been a Sister for 45 years – and I continue to search my heart so as to respond as Mary Aikenhead (our Foundress) would to today’s emerging needs.