200 Years of the Religious Sisters of Charity & 65 Years of St Margaret of Scotland Hospice

200YearsCelebration-116-cakeWednesday 26 August 2015 was a special day for the Hospice as we celebrated the 200th Anniversary of the founding of the Sisters of Charity and the 65th Anniversary of the Hospice in Clydebank.
The celebration commenced with Mass at 12 noon led by Archbishop Philip Tartaglia and Archbishop Emeritus Mario Conti. A large number of clergy from all faiths and parishes helped to concelebrate the Mass. Sister Mary Christian, Congregational Leader, travelled from Dublin. Sister Jacqueline Doherty and Sister Mary Teresa Clarke, who had both worked in the Hospice as Ward Sister, travelled from Bristol and Birmingham to attend the celebration, together with 400 invited guests.
The Archbishops, clergy and ministers were led by a procession of flags symbolising all the countries in which the Sisters serve – throughout the world today there are more than 400 Religious Sisters of Charity in Nigeria, Ireland, Scotland, England, America, Zambia and Malawi.

Professor Leo Martin, our Chairman, welcomed everyone to Mass and spoke beautifully about the History of the Sisters of Charity and the Hospice.
In his Homily, Archbishop Philip stated ““We here in Scotland have benefitted richly from that charism and vision with the work of St Margaret’s Hospice caring for the sick and dying, and giving witness to the dignity of the human person from the very beginning of their life to its end, carrying on the healing mission of Jesus Christ, and following his command to love and serve one another. “Once again we have occasion to express our thanks and appreciation to the Religious Sisters of Charity, and to Sr Rita Dawson for the outstanding work and service of the hospice in bringing the highest standards of medicine and care, entirely based upon the faith vision of the Catholic Church of the dignity of every human person to the natural end of their lives. I am sure that the Venerable Mary Aikenhead is smiling at how her charism and how her vision for her congregation has taken life—and given life.”
Following Mass, which was held in a large marquee in the grounds of the Hospice, a bronze statue of St Margaret of Scotland was unveiled. This statue was generously given by an anonymous donor in recognition of the 200th anniversary of the Sisters and 65th anniversary of the Hospice.

The whole event was live streamed which enabled all of the Sisters, their families, friends, around the world to join with us on this special day. The Sisters in California got up at 4am to watch the Mass, as did many of our own relatives, friends and patients. It is wonderful to think we had so many people sharing in this great event.

To read about the event as reported in the local newspaper click HERE.  You may also wish to view the videos HERE or look at the Slideshow below.
A buffet lunch, together with barbeque, was served to the 400 invited guests. A cake was made especially for the day, which was cut by Sr Mary Christian following lunch.
The remainder of the day was an Open Day for all those who wished to attend.
The celebration concluded with a Ceilidh in the evening which many staff and visitors attended – together with our brand new mascot.

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